Nursing Care in St. Thomas Hospital is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so that they may attain, maintain, and recover optimal health and quality of life.

The nursing care services in St. Thomas Hospital range from primary preventative care to specialists and emergency level care. Ward rounds are an essential aspect of good-quality care with nurses playing a vital and central role.

St. Thomas Hospital nurses are the key caregivers of the hospital; they can significantly influence the quality of care provided and, ultimately, treatment and patient outcomes.
Our hospital Nurses provide extensive help to physicians caring for patients recovering from an accident or illness. They fill various roles to ensure hospital is running smoothly on a daily basis.

Bedside Care

St. Thomas Hospital Nurses provide sufficient care for patients to make the patient feel comfortable while in the hospital. With this role, nurses carry out numerous procedures including patient evaluations, monitoring patients’ vital signs, and managing medications.

Educate Patients and Families

When patients or their families are unaware of a particular health issue or concern, the St. Thomas Hospital nurse will be on hand to provide general information to help them understand what they are experiencing.

Help Address Information

To help the public understand various medical conditions, nurses will promote general health by addressing information on health concerns through seminars and meetings.

Nursing Services at St. Thomas hospital
Intensive Care
pediatric Care
Patients with ventilator
Accidental Care
Post Operative Care
Geriatric care
Bed Sore Care
Ortho Care
DVT Preventive Care
Pre Operative Care
Tracheotomy Care
Gynecology and Obstetrics Care
Care of patients with mental illness
Care of children with mentally challenged (Autism, spastic children)