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Department Timing
24 Hours (Round The Clock)


ST Thomas Hospital
Dr. Marie Teresa Verghese
ST Thomas Hospital

The Department of EMR at St. Thomas Hospital is fully functional unit with daily outpatients, inpatients and 24-hour emergency work.We have Experienced Consultant Physicians, Senior Nurses and Junior Nurses to manage our daily work.The Emergency Department is a single-stop facility with a full spectrum of services. The department provides treatment for a wide range of conditions – traffic accidents, burns, poisonings, acute medical emergencies like heart attacks and strokes. It handles adults and children, on a “24/7” basis.

Once the patient is stabilized, he is taken to the adjacent room for removal of all traces of dirt and infection and subsequently brought back to the Room for examination, diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the degree of injury sustained, action is taken without any loss of time. A patient with minor injuries is moved to the suture room; one that requires careful monitoring is moved to the ICU and those in need of critical surgeries are shifted to the fully equipped Emergency Operation Theatre for immediate treatment.This department has 8 beds, are used to revive cardiac arrests, seriously injured accident victims and other life – threatening conditions. It is backed up by the entire range of diagnostic and treatment facilities, from round the clock laboratory services, blood bank, ECG, X-Rays Ultrasound and CT scans. All basic and specialized consultancy services are provided by our trained panel of doctors.

No prior appointments are needed. All emergencies are seen on a walk-in basis. However, the approach to patients is on the principle of “most harmful goes first” and not “first come first served”.