ST Thomas Hospital


Dr. Sr. Rexline, Director

ST Thomas Hospital
St. Thomas Hospital was started as a dispensary in 1972 by the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph (FSJ), an order of Roman Catholic Sisters, founded in 1883, dedicated to the upliftment of women in society, especially the downtrodden, marginalized and the oppressed.

Right from its start, St. Thomas Hospital has always been steadily growing because of the dedication and hard work of sisters who work in different professional roles and skilful Doctors with a singular mission of serving the poor.

In the present scenario of health care system in the country, medical and nursing professionals play a vital role in every hospital to deliver the effective health care services and activities to accommodate progressively in the bedrock of intellectuality and innovation.
St. Thomas Hospital brings together the best health services with an affordable cost for the poor and vulnerable sections of the society. Today’s medical practice and healthcare system requires knowledge of every kind of individual case, along with its biological, psychological and social dimensions. Our Doctors and FSJ sisters together with efficient staffs are able to combine this most needed care of the individual patients with the best medical and referral services possible in Chennai.

Every healthcare service in our hospital is selfless and service-oriented.