ST Thomas Hospital



Mugalivakkam dispensary is full-fledged unit with provision for one full time Medical Officer and one Visiting Doctor who are assisted by supporting Staff Nurse, Pharmacist etc. It has seven patient beds to extend emergency first aid.

Monday to Saturday
 9:30 A: M to 1:00 P.M | Evening:  3:00 P: M to 6:00 PM.

» Affordable Housing for the staffs of St. Thomas Hospital, St. Joseph Printing Press and St. Thomas Textile Factory and other activity establishment are running at Mugalivakkam.
» A Day Care Centre to take care the children of Staff.
» A Vocational Training Centre provides training to people concerning employment oriented skills, tailoring and art work are included in these area.
» A Self help group is working there to empower the women through creating employment opportunities.
» A Bank for self help group was established for the purpose of providing the women to means to practice the economic skills they learned in these self help groups.

  1. 1994 – Starting of a dispensary

  2. 1997 – Housing Scheme was started as a project

  3. 1998 – A vocational Training Centre

  4. 2006 – Self help group

  5. 2009 – Bank for self help group