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ST Thomas Hospital

St. Thomas Hospital for Oncology provides cancer care with a multi disciplinary specialty treatment
Oncology is the treatment of cancer using chemotherapeutic drugs. Chemotherapy drugs normally cause side effects as they do not discriminate between cancer cells and normal cells.
Here treatment for cancer is provided using Medicine: a) Injection and b) Tablets.
The oncologist coordinates the multidisciplinary care of cancer patients.

Dr J Kannan
ST Thomas Hospital
ST Thomas Hospital


Dr. Irene Priestley, MS(ophthal),
A4, Ramanalaya Apts, 21, 1st Crescent Park street,
Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.

TO: The Medical Director,
St. Thomas Hospital,
St. Thomas Mount, Chennai.

Dear Doctor,
I want to give my feedback about my mother’s treatment in your hospital. My mother, Mrs Pauline Vores was diagnosed of Ca left breast with metastasis, T4b N3c M1, in February 2012. She had mediastinal, lung and bone secondaries. She was treated with palliative chemotherapy with docetaxel and cyclophosphamide. She was under the care of Dr. Kannan. After 9 courses of IV chemo, she was put on oral chemo and hormone therapy. PET CT taken periodically, showed a very good response to chemo. The latest PET CT was taken in April 2014. It showed complete metabolic resolution with significant reduction in size of primary breast malignancy. There was also similar resolution of nodal and skeletal metastasis, and there were no new lesions. Currently my mother is on hormone therapy only. By God’s grace, her overall health is good.
I want to take this opportunity, to express my sincere, heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kannan and the staff of St.
Thomas Hospital.

Thanking You,
Your’s sincerely,
Dr. Irene Priestley