The fundamental support system includes Administration, Maintenance, House Keeping, Information Technology, and Security. They are the supporting departments of our hospital and also they serve as backbone of St. Thomas Hospital. The role of Administration is difficult and demanding, they compete for healthcare professionals, Rapid growth for hospital, Prepare for the future, Improve patient care through technology, Managing Medicare and Medicaid. Over these years the hospital has improved in various facilities, they are:


Sufficient portable cylinders»

Sufficient water storage»

Sewage Treatment Plant»


Fire Alarm System»



Centralised O2»

Centralised Suction»

The Admission and Discharge Department,the patients are admitted to the concerned ward on the advice of the treating doctor. The ward is designated by the inquiry staff at the admission desk and entered in the case sheet. The hospital also provide separate cell for reception to provide information and answer queries for the people coming to the hospital. Once your physician has ordered your discharge, your nurse will provide written instructions for your care at home. They will review these documents with you and your family before you leave the hospital. If you have received authorization for checkout, you may leave the hospital.

The Medical Record Department, tensures all data’s of patients are recorded properly, segmented accordingly and kept for future record to make a historical analysis incase of necessity.

The Maintenance department of the hospital takes care of complete on – site maintenance of the hospital’s vital resources and infrastructure such as uninterrupted power, water, air conditioning, various treatment plants and many allied day to day functions including housekeeping. Maintenance department is responsible for scheduling routine maintenance of repairs and maintenance including monitoring maintenance contracts and follow up, The team also looks after and maintains segregation of Bio Medical waste & sewage systems.

Our Housekeeping department is responsible for training new employees and ensuring their work schedules are coordinated. The head oversee the work of the employees and order cleaning supplies as needed, assigns tasks to employees and make cleaning suggestions to help improve service, also resolve complaints from patients regarding the cleaning services. The department periodically organize staff meetings to inform employees.

The Information Technology department of St. Thomas Hospital manages all the hardware and software of the hospital. The department uses technical advancement of latest Hospital Management System (HMS) to record and facilitate the transaction of the hospital so as to save time and provide accuracy of transaction. The system administrator gathers information, analyze and summarize, and share with those who need. The IT department incorporates data from multiple sources, dynamic information repository, Shifts to real –time. They also help our medical team work better.

The Security department of our hospital ensures the safety of the hospital plant, personnel, patients and public as well as regulating the traffic within the hospital premises. The role of security in St. Thomas Hospital is to prevent and handle any disturbance, so that the hospital functioning can go on smoothly and without any disturbance.